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Future Plan

Existing Physical Structure

There are varieties of physical structures in the town broadly divided into katcha, semi-pucca and pucca. According to sample survey by the consultant (in 2009) among the total structures, 47% semi¬pucca, 26.68% pucca and 26.24% is katcha. About 77% of the structures are used for residential purpose. The Population Census 2001 shows that the town had about 49.43% katcha, 30.31 %semi¬pucca and about 20.26% pucca residential structures in 2001. The sample survey results show, there has been some changes in semi-pucca structures in last eight years. At present, 29.26 percent residential structure of the area is katcha, about 48% is semi-pucca and the remaining 22% is pucca. Domination of semi-pucca structures indicates that the general level of living of the people has not recorded any significant upward rise. More than 54 percent residential buildings of the project area are single storied. There are 33 four and above storied residential buildings at Sreemongal. As an important trade center, Sreemongal has 1069 commercial structures.


Physical Growth Directions

The physical growth in the town is taking place towards the north, South-West and East, mainly along the Hobigonj Road, Moulvibazar Road and college Road. Accessibility is a major driving force for such physical growth. Another important factor is flood free high land. Physical growth usually follows major thoroughfares and higher grounds. The general land level of the town is almost plain. Therefore, accessibility is the leading factor to direct physical growth. The main thoroughfare of the town is the Hobigonj Road of R&H, Moulvibazar Road of R&H and College Road of LGED. These roads are running through the market places of the town. The commercial activities are expanded along the road. However, minor developments follow towards the northwestern corner of the municipal area.


Identification of Physical Development Constraints

The main driving force behind urbanization is migration which operates through push and pulls factors. Sreemongal pourashava as an economic hub have enough strength to serve as a centre of attraction for rural and other urban centre migrants. Sreemongal pourashava is surrounded by mainly tea garden, rubber forest and low agriculture land which are the main constraints of physical development. Rail station and rail line is another constraint of physical development, because a vast area is occupied by railway in Sreemongal pourashava.


Identification of Physical Development Opportunities

There is major attraction that can invite investment in business and industries that would lead to physical development in the town. There are some positive elements that can make investment profitable in this town: First, creation of market for locally produced consumer’s goods. Second, creation of wholesale market will enhance economic activities. Third, idle money can be diverted to productive sectors with appropriate incentive for capital formation. Fourth, proper training can be arranged to create entrepreneurship for those who want to invest in industrial ventures. Fifth, there is scope for developing some tourism opportunities in the pourashava. Since the area is located on the picturesque lush green tea garden and rubber forest. Lawachara, a natural echo-park is also located nearby. People may find interest to visit some interesting tourism spots in and around the pourashava. At the same time, if tourism can be developed in the area, the Pourashava will experience population and economic growth.


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