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Development Works
Development Works work under UGIIP-II

01. Name of works      : Improvement of Guho road by dense bituminous carpeting

                       including divider in the middle of the roads (Ch 0+000 to Ch 0+317m)
Package No                 : UGIIP-II-2/SRIM/UT/01/2011
Name of Contractor      : M/S. Salim Construction, Vanugach Road, Sreemangal, Maulvibazar.
Contract Amount Tk     : 57,63,253.162
Date of Commencement of Work. 12/07/2011
02. Name of works      : a) Improvement & Rehabilitation of Purbasha main road by
                                             dense bituminous carpeting at (Ch 0+000 to Ch 0+635m)
                                   b) Improvement of vanugach road to rail gate by dense bituminous 
                                   carpeting at (Ch 0+000 to Ch 0+255m) 
                                   c) Improvement of Central road by CC at (Ch 0+000 to Ch
Package No               : UGIIP-II-2/SRIM/UT/02/2011
Name of Contractor      : A.N.T (JV)
Maulvibazar.Contract Amount Tk     : 9771960.57
Date of Commencement of Work. 12/07/2011
03.   Name of works
  1. Constructions of R.C.C. drain at Hobigoj road south side drain from Central road
            hotel Taz  to Bhurburia chora At Ch 0+00 to Ch+4.47
  1. Constructions of drain Station road fish shed to collage road at Ch0+00 to Ch 0+292
  2. Constructions of drain Moulvibazar road collage road east site to Ahmed traders at Ch 0+00 to Ch 0+ 611
  3. Constructions of R.C.C Drain Vanugash road Railway field to roisuddin filling station at Ch0+00 to Ch 0+216
  4. Constructions of drain Moulvibazar road Chowmohona Nazboding west side at   Ch 0+00 to Ch 0+ 611
  5. Constructions of drain at Dhanshiry road Part-A Mr.Dewan’s house to station road at Ch 0+00 to Ch 0+ 91 Part.B: Mr.Dewan’s house to patakury at Ch 0+00 to Ch 0+52’ Part C: Bhanugach Road to Guho road at Ch 0+00 to Ch0+150
  6. Constructions of drain at jalalia road form Godown no-10 to Kalighat road jorapul at Ch.0+00 to Ch 0+ 635.
  7. Constructions of drain at vanugach road from BGB camp gate to Boddho Bhumi at ch.00+00 to Ch 00+ 200
  8. Constructions of drain at shaplabag road start from Mohabir bania shop to charra at ch.00+00 to 00+254
  9. Constructions of drain at Shagordigi road start (east side) from Lokonath traders to Hobigonj road at ch.00+00 to 00+500m.
Part-B (Solid Waste Management)
 11. Construction the Compost Plat at the existing disposal site of the Pourashava.
       12. Approach road for the compost plant.
       13. U-drain for cross drainage of the approach road. 
 02. Package Number      : UGIIP-II-2/SREE/DR/01/2011+UGIIP-II-

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